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unión home has been designed as a catch-all product to meet general requirements regarding houses and, as no two homes are the same, customers can take out optional coverage in order to tailor the insurance to their needs.

Home Assistance as standard with your policy

With the new home assistance coverage from Unión Alcoyana, you can enjoy several top-quality features for your family. If the need arises, you can rest easy with the COMPUTING AND TECHNOLOGICAL ASSISTANCE service and with the MEDICAL, SOCIAL, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND NUTRITIONAL DIETARY GUIDANCE AND INFORMATION service.

Unión Hogar

A team of experts will be at hand to offer you and your family personalised advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Basic and optional coverage:

We offer the best basic guarantees with wide-ranging coverage, including a comprehensive 24-hour computing and medical assistance service, legal defence, fire, lock replacement... and you can further complement this with optional coverage such as civil liability, jewellery, objects of special value…

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