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Product Description:

Here at Unión Alcoyana  we know that all drivers are not the same: there are younger drivers and older drivers, drivers of sports cars and drivers of utility vehicles, drivers with lots of experience, drivers with little experience, drivers of new cars, drivers of old cars, and so on. This is why we have designed a new product, unión cars which lets you personalise your insurance in a more flexible, more convenient and easier way, with many ways to subscribe and four different options available: minimum, basic, basic extra and plus.

Made to Measure

For customers with highly specific requirements, Unión Alcoyana has developed the “Made to Measure” option so that you can combine the coverage options that best suit your circumstances.

Unión Autos

Basic and Optional Coverage:

Our customers can choose the coverage they want, alongside the Compulsory Insurance required by Spain's Motor Vehicle Insurance Contract Law. The options offered by Unión Alcoyana include: a courtesy car, penalty points system, free choice of vehicle repair workshop, legal defence by telephone and assistance to detainees, etc.

Good practive Guide for the procurement of CARS insurance

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