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  1. What is "your unión space"?
  2. What services does "your unión space"? ?
  3. What information is available through "your unión space"?
  4. Who can register?, What should I do?
  5. What information must I provide to discharge me on "your unión space"?
  6. What if I forget my password?
  7. "I can make the payment of my bills through "your unión space"?
  8. Is there a specific time in order to make the payment of outstanding bills?
  9. Is there a privacy policy that ensures the privacy of my data?
  10. Can you guarantee that this is a safe?
  11. Can I discharge me otherwise?
  12. What does this service cost?
  13. Can I hire products through the portal?
  14. Can I communicate with union alcoyana through this portal?

What is your unión space?

Is a free service exclusively for clients of unión alcoyana where you can perform various consultations and negotiations related to its products, in the most convenient, fast and easy. It is an on-line dedicated access and available 24 hours a day, quickly and with maximum security and confidentiality. SPACE CREATED FOR YOU.


What services does "your unión space" offers?

Our insured can perform the following operations, depending on the type of product:


What information is available through "your unión space"

In this portal you can find personalized information about the products they have contracted marriage unión alcoyana: policies, receipts, insured, coverage, methods of payment, debit, outstanding bills, claims status and many other features that may make for an easy and comfortable, just by registering.


Who can register?, What should I do?

Any client connecting with unión alcoyana can register regardless of the product having retained. To do this, you need only fill in the application of the tab "Application of high." You will receive in your email a welcome message with a link to activate your account at "your space union", and a login and password that can later be modified according to your convenience in the "edit data" within the portal.


What information must I provide to discharge me on "your sunión space"?

The data requested in the "Registration Form" is the DNI / CIF, the policy number of any product of unión alcoyana and a contact email. These data are required to confirm your identity and to contact you if necessary.


What if I forget my password

If you forget, the registration page you can access portal to "forgot my password." When you select this option, you must provide your ID and send you an e-mail with the necessary information to the email address you gave us in the original registration.

Please note that you can change the password so that is easily remembered and that only you know.


Can I make the payment of my bills through" your space union?

unión alcoyana offers its customers the possibility of on-line payment of any bill for a product arranged. Within the portal, there are two possibilities: direct debit, which should only include the account number where you want to load the receipt, or immediately by credit card bank.

With the option of paying by credit card, unión alcoyana only acts as an intermediary between you and the bank. In the payment transaction receipt, establishing a secure channel whereby, after it is operating within its financial institution, the management is completely separate and apart from unión alcoyana. After confirming the operation, the result is sent to client and internal management systems of the company, issuing a receipt of having paid the correct online payment.


Is there a specific time in order to make the payment of outstanding bills?

This payment can speed up their consultations and procedures, making it possible to pay the outstanding bills for 24 hours a day, except for the operating conditions of the financial institution which does not interfere unión alcoyana.


Is there a privacy policy that ensures the privacy of my data?

Can click the link "legal notice". In this section you can find information on security policy in the treatment of personal data. All data are treated with absolute confidentiality, not accessible to third parties for purposes other than those which have been authorized.


Can you guarantee that this is a safe?

En unión alcoyana Together we guarantee, in addition to security and privacy of your data, all operations performed within this site are safe and meet the requirements established for that purpose. In addition, our server is certified by VeriSign SSL.


Can I discharge from this service otherwise?

You can register for this exclusive service in any branch and network of unión alcoyana.


What does this service cost?

This is a free service that unión alcoyana offers to its customers.


"I can hire products through the portal?

Currently only able to consult, modify personal data, payment of bills and claims submission.
To recruit new products should contact one of our branches or any mediator from our network of mediators (see ability to link to the form of mediators).


Can I communicate with unión alcoyana through this portal?

Yes, in the options menu you will find the option superior customer services, where you will fill out a form that allows you to send us any query, complaint or suggestion.